A conversation about the future of commerce with The Peak

Tune in to hear about my journey to venture capital, the story of Wittington Ventures, and my plans for Fire Ant

March 9, 2021
Fire Ant

I’m really happy to be shaking things up this week. You’re used to reading my interviews with other inspiring people, but this week my friend Brett Chang, Co-Founder of The Peak, gave me the honour of being one of the first few guests for a new podcast he’s been working on.

If you haven’t already heard about it, The Peak is the latest newsletter to enter the Canadian media scene. You can subscribe to it to get the top Canadian and global business, finance, and tech stories in an entertaining and informative e-mail. I love the tone with which Brett and his team break down the major stories of the day.

Tune in below to hear about how Brett and I have known each other for almost a decade, my career journey, and what’s getting me fired up about the future of commerce.

Hope you enjoy!

– Qasim

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