Going from “Weekly Edits” to just “Edits”

(Because I'm learning on the fly 🙃)

January 10, 2021
Fire Ant

When I first started Fire Ant, it seemed like a good idea to do “Weekly Edits” that served as a summary of commerce related news and analysis from around the world — curated by yours truly.

These edits have been very well received by the community and I’m excited to continue producing them. However I’m dropping the “Weekly” from the title in order to allow myself more time to formulate ideas and create great content. After all, inspiration can’t be scheduled. My goal for the new year is to put out an edit every few weeks.

This change has no effect on the interviews and musings that I’ve been publishing, which I’ll continue to surprise you with on a rolling basis.

Thanks so much for supporting my work and helping to build up the Fire Ant community. Here’s to an exciting 2021!

– Qasim

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