Pop-up stores are having a moment

Two reasons: a pandemic and great real estate deals

September 15, 2020
Fire Ant

With changing consumer demographics and the rise of omni-channel retail, pop-up stores have become a mainstay. Brands across several categories are finally experimenting with IRL retail activations (at scale) that are not only meant to excite customers through a unique experience, but also provide added convenience to the shopper’s buying journey.

Now is a good time to be talking about convenience as it relates to in-store shopping. For example, Covid-19 is making it harder for retailers to manage store foot traffic at their anchor locations — we are being reminded that customers don’t like waiting in lines.

In an effort to ensure consistency in the customer’s experience amidst the pandemic mayhem, retailers such as Lululemon are doubling down on their pop-up strategy, particularly in geographies with high levels of customer concentration. By distributing an anchor store’s visitors across a network of smaller stores in close proximity, retailers can deliver on shorter lines and less wait times, while also maintaining smoother operations. It also doesn’t hurt that there are plenty of good real estate deals in prime locations to take advantage of right now.

Follow the link below for other benefits of pop-ups that brands and retailers can consider during these strange times:

If physical pop-ups aren’t your thing right at the moment, there’s inspiration to draw from how digitally native brands such as Recess are rethinking pop-ups for a virtual setting. Hint: it involves a lot of original content and thoughtful gamification.

And last but not least, for some inspiration on what a dream pop-up looks like (IMHO), look no further than:

What can I say? The sneaker heads just get it… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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